Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday ad the letter n

I have a Dell laptop. Today, or eve yesterday, the letter "N" has decided tht it is oly workig in its ow time. This makes typing iteresting....I am tryig it agai to see how many times it works.
My ame is acy so it is iterestig.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Photo-Colleen Walsh Photography

Good Saturday!

Today, I spent time reviewing all my photos and organizing, naming and posting them. The new profile photo of Garrett and me is from photographer Colleen Walsh.

Colleen and I worked together in the corporate world and we are friends. After Garrett arrived we did our one and only professional photo shoot.

Colleen draped our living room with a white backdrop, set up a photo studio in our house. We had a wonderful time and have wonderful photos of Garrett before his first birthday.

He was so small we had to roll up his pants. Little did we know that he would grow so tall that we keep buying 'slim-tall' and he cotinues to grow out of them each month.

Adorable, pre-first haircut hair...

Visit Colleen Walsh Photography at www.colleenwalsh.com to see her fabulous photos.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We are Live and in Living Color!

Today I am 42 years old! It is my birthday!

HeartMommy.com just went live moments ago; what a great birthday present!!

Please visit http://www.heartmommy.com/ and take a look around.

Nancy- HeartMommy to Garrett

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

TummyMommy and HeartMommy

Kim And Nancy
Originally uploaded by HeartMommy
As Garrett was roaming the party he took this shot of Kim and me. We had visited Florida to present Kim with her HeartMommy necklace. We had a party with many of her family, including her Mom, sisters, cousins and friends.

This was the beginning of the business-HeartMommy.

Kim is an integral part of our lives. She and her family are wonderful and embrace my son and our family as part of theirs.

On a recent visit, my son met his Great-Grandfather! It was amazing. To see into the future and imagine what my son may look like as a grown man; fascinating.


The Real Photographer

gman takes the camera
Originally uploaded by HeartMommy
While we attended a party for Kim O'Berry-Price, my son's TummyMommy, he took over the camera.

As we all chatted and visited with each other, he worked the room and took photos of everyone and everything.

Since then, he has continued his photography hobby and has quite the eye.