Friday, July 13, 2012

The Re-Entry Process...slowly...

Touching the Sun!

Re-Entry... my dear friend and fellow Florida native, Darlene, recently said upon her return from Florida. She was going through the 'Re-Entry' process to North Carolina and the mountains. 
I, still being in Florida, could understand how she was feeling. But, when I returned, the re-entry feeling was palpable. 
We talked about this strange, happy, sad, interesting experience of knowing the love of the beach and the water. Sitting and watching into forever, while the warm water laps on our feet. The immense and warming sun, wrapping around like a blanket, to sooth away the day and melt into a warm evening. 
In sharp contrast to the majestic mountains that surround us in Asheville, NC. Bold, beautiful, endless and all encompassing. The mountains have a way of wrapping around us like a cool summer breeze, bringing shades of deep green and blue into our eyes and soul. Our feet dipped in icy mountain waters that come for miles to meet us at the rivers edge. 
And yet, the re-entry, to either spectrum can be overpowering. One extreme to another in less than a day by car. Another world. 
How do I love thee...both my beloved Florida and my adopted home in North Carolina...
And so, I am in the re-entry phase of the mountains, wishing for warm salty ocean water, the sun in my face, that brilliant and blazing sunset and the look into forever. 
And so, today, I will walk among the tall soft grass of the mountains, dip my feet into the cool waters and embrace my mountain home. 
Home, two sides of one coin. Home, where there is safety and love and growth and quiet too. 
Touching the Earth...