Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Garrett's Birthday

Here we are on December 26th, the day after Christmas. All the presents unwrapped, all the toys played with and strewn about, and all the leftovers.

But for me today is the day I became a mother. December 26th is the day that Garrett arrived on this earth. Late last night he could not sleep knowing that his birthday was coming; just as excited as for Christmas morning. We talked about when I met him while still in Kim's womb and how I got to see his picture from the sonogram, but only his head. We discussed how he became Garrett because of a dream that I had about two days before he was born. The names picked out for the baby were Emily Grace if the baby was a girl and Ethan William is the baby was a boy. But, I had this dream that said his name was Garrett, and he is Garrett through and through. During our conversation, he asked me if I knew what his name meant. I played along and asked him to tell me. "Brave Warrior" he said proudly. It is true.

In the early morning hours of December 26th, I received a call from Kim's mother Wendy. She said come now, the baby is coming. FLYING out of the bed and into the car, racing to the hospital and seeing Kim was surreal. The nurse came in and explained what was happening and that only two people could be in the labor/delivery room. Kim asked me if I would be her birth coach! I nearly fell over with joy, holding back my tears to not break the seal on the welling up. After two hours of intense pushing, I could see the very top of Garrett's head. But, Kim's labor would not progress and Garrett was stuck. The doctor decided it was time for a cesarean and they whisked her away. I was not allowed in the operating room. Then the tears flowed, I cried and cried. Not out of sadness, not out of fear, but just joy and love knowing that she was going through all of this for Garrett. She was so very brave. In the waiting room were Steve, Josh, my Mom, my sister Melissa and me. We talked and waited, sat silently and waited. It was like a 1950s waiting experience. After what seemed like eternity, we walked into the hall and I started pacing. About that time a nurse wheeled a bassinet down the hall as she softly cried. "Oh. no" I said, "Something happened to that baby, the nurse is crying." She kept coming toward us. Then cheerfully she said through her tears, "Do you want to see your baby?" All the blood rushed out of my brain and I stared.

The baby was swaddled in a white blanket and gender neutral hat. "Is it a boy or a girl, I asked?" and the nurse unwrapped the baby and exclaimed, 'It's A Boy!" I could not take my eyes off of his, he opened them wide and looked right at me. My heart exploded! We had only a few seconds of silence with him when the rush of family came to see him. The nurses and the doctor were all crying along with us. Garrett was radiant!

I went into a trance of some sort, just staying plastered to the window as they cleaned, weighed, measured and took his footprints. He just lay there calmly, sucking two fingers.

About an hour later I got to hold for the first time. In a private room. Awestruck, I stared at him. Touched his tiny fingers, smelled his hair. I was a mother and he was my son, Garrett, The brave warrior.

Life had begun as I know it.

Today is Garrett's birthday. The most important day of the year and today Garrett is six years old.

Thank God for my son.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

BirthParents- Kim and Steve

As we come closer to Christmas and rejoice in the birth of Jesus on December 25th, I go back in time to 2002 when I received the most important call of my life. Kim, my son's birthmom was in labor. YES, on Christmas day! My mind raced with joy, fear, anticipation on meeting my son or daughter, collecting things, feelings completely out of my body and knowing that I would in fact be a mother. The fact that I would be a mother is the most important part, given that I had always known that I would be one.
Over my life, I have been the mother to my little sister, Mimi. As well, the mother to hamsters, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, birds, fish, turtles, any living thing that needed nurturing; I was the mother.
My one prayer in life was to have the chance to be a mother to a child, my child. And the prayer was answered at 1:19 pm on Thursday, December 26, 2002 in Melbourne, Florida. Garrett my precious son was born and is now going to be six years old in a couple of days.
Hard to believe that the lifetime of worrying, working and wondering has flown by and we are all growing with Garrett. He is the beginning of life as we know it.
After six years, his birthparents, Kim and Steve, are still very much a part of our lives. Kim is a special education teacher in Florida and Steve is a physicist in Florida. They were High School sweethearts and dated after Garrett's birth. Kim has recently gotten married to Bill Price and they are an amazing couple. We had the good fortune to be a part of their wedding in June 2008.
As we come to the anniversary of two sets of parents being created on December 26, 2002, I pay homage to Kim and Steve. Having waited until she was 8 months pregnant to make a final decision, picking Garrett for us to be his parents and having the bravery to hand him to me when we left the hospital on December 29, 2002.
I have never and will never have a word or utterance to fully explain my love and gratitude for their love.
Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to Garrett!
Love to Kim and Steve and Garrett's large extended family!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Spell Check

Well, Well...the lesson of the day is SPELL CHECK!

Along with my love of flip flops is my equal non-love for misspelled words.

As a former teacher and professional corporate trainer, I was forever surprised by spelling errors I encountered in both written and typed information.

There was nothing like receiving a wonderful paper from a student only to have to translate the actual content, after correcting the spelling, and then re-reading it for comprehension. As well, when I would review and deliver training to clients, I would cringe at the sight of the one misspelled word in the midst of hundreds of pages of content.

My handwriting is atrocious, so I cannot claim any beauty contest winnings on my penmanship; I like to blame it on being left-handed. However, with the advent of typewriters (yes, I did learn to type on one of these dinosaurs) and computers, there is no reason to have misspelled words.

To my dismay, I wrote my Flip Flop post, posted it and then read it!

I was not LOL but was OMG about the whole thing and as a reminder to myself, I am leaving the word in the post. It will make me think twice or three times before posting prior to reading and using the amazing tools available for me.

Just in case you have not seen this tool, it often appears as an ABC with a check underneath it. As a fail-safe there is the other option called "Preview". Each of these created by someone like me, who not only want to read the written word but want to truly understand it.

For those of you who have no idea what LOL and OMG are, they do not appear in spell check. These are new words...or something.

Nancy Toes for the Holidays

The longer I live away from Florida, the more attached I become to those things I took for granted. Warm days in winter, tons of sun all the time, the water, the beach, and the list goes on.
This photo is the standard by which all shoes are rated. If there is a flip flop to be worn, I will wear it.
Yes, this photo was taken yesterday, in Asheville, NC, at the Grove Park Inn. I was there doing a 'photo shoot' for my friend Kate and her family. Gman got to come along and we all enjoyed the Christmas decorations, and festive feeling in the air.
As a huge fan of Christmas, I feel like a kid when I am around decorations. Traveling to Florida for Christmas every year is the BEST Christmas present ever. So, in the spirit of both Christmas and Florida, I had my toes done. A festive wine color to go with my most important accesory; flip flops!
Some girls love diamonds, some love bags and some love shoes, but I love flip flops!
They give me a sense of freedom. They give me a sense of Florida. They give me a sense of peace.
Happy Holidays and Peace to all!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My VLOG on

It has begun, the official VLOG on
My personal site is
On there are three of my first videos; one which includes the Jewels That Dance Diamond event for National Adoption Month.
Jewels That Dance is my manufacturer for HeartMommy jewelry and have been here in Asheville for 25 years. They are a fabulous team and I am proud to have them create my work based on my HeartMommy designs.
Have a look at the VLOG and give me some feedback and ideas.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

And it is Official-I am Exhausted

Today is technically Saturday, December 13th, but since I have not gone to bed I am calling it Friday night.
This past week plus has been one of the most exhausting of my life. Seriously draining, mind blowing, tough, bad, hard, no fun and on and on. So, why do I say this now in the middle of the night? I am exhausted but cannot sleep. I am too tired to sleep. Is it possible? I am the poster child for insomnia.
As well, this week has been one of the most exciting too. Does this add to the insomnia? Where is my sand-man?
I have heard that if I write it all down, then my brain will relax and I can then leave it for another time, thus sleep will come. So, I write....
My mom is better, not 100%, but better.
My son is still sick, on terrible medicine and trying his hardest to be well for our vacation to Florida.
Me, I am hopeful as the new year approaches and aprehensive in the same breath. My health is great, better than in many years past. I feel better, look better, have an overall sense of myself and what I want. I am grateful for all that I have.
The new year, shedding of the old and rebirth of the old/new/good things.
More writing, more photography, business success, new ventures, new friends, rekindled friendships, forgiveness, love, laughter, happiness.
See, now I am rambling, a true sign of exhaustion.
Too sleep....please!

Friday, December 5, 2008

And Then Life Throws A Curve Ball

Today is Friday and it is early; everyone still sleeping.

As I write this my brain is relieved as my Mom is also with me and my sisters, sleeping peacefully at home.

But, on Tuesday afternoon life spun as fast as lightening. My Mom, 68 years old and very much the active Nana, was rushed from her doctors office by ambulance to the hospital; blood pressure off the charts and having a 'cardiac incident'.

Luckily, I had arrived to be at her appointment, but I never expected to see my Mom, white and scared as the doctor explained what was happening. As for me, I was instantly in action mode.

Calling my three sisters and my aunt to let them know what was happening, getting arrangements made for my son's care, racing to the hospital to meet the ambulance and then the waiting...testing...waiting...admitted to the hospital.

My Mom was beside herself, after be given drugs a plenty, she was upset, confused and as well trying to comfort me. This is what my Mom does. She is the one who comforts us, even as she is in pain and scared.

Two of my three sisters were with me within 12 hours; driving and flying from two different states. My oldest sister had left for Europe and so she was on the phone for the up to the minute status.

And the details are more details, but here is the end of the story.

After 2 plus days in the hospital, tests complete, and the new pharmacuticals ready, my Mom came home.


As my Mom sleeps upstairs, I am so thankful for one more day with her.

I am grateful for my family as we come together; coordinate, communicate and work as a team. Sisters are amazing!

All the plans in the world do not prepare you for seeing your parents need care. My Mom is timeless, efffortless, every lasting...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Holidays from HeartMommy

As you may have experienced, 'The Holidays', seem to sneak up and then they are all over and it is only 23 days until Christmas.
I write this blog as a precurser to the much anticipated VLOG and give only the excuse that I was on vacation in Florida, soaking as much warmth and sun in, until my return yesterday to snow and cold in North Carolina.
Prior to leaving, I had the great pleasure of attending the Jewels That Dance National Adoption Month event, I used my FLIP video camera to do and interview and I made it all into a was so much fun!
Now having said that, I have not posted it yet, because, well...I am trying.
Tonight, when my son nods off in dreams of dinosaurs and space exploration, I will post it.
Being a mom, business owner, writer, photographer and trying to have a few days of decompression seem to cause REcompression on the return. But, I am so grateful for the days I had in Florida, spending time with my family, swimming in the Atlantic, and laying by the pool in WARMTH.
Okay, now I am rambling.... more to come tonight. :)
Happy Tuesday,
NM- HeartMommy