Friday, February 12, 2010

Mom? Am I Really...

After having just returned from a work related trip to Key West, Florida, I am dog tired! My most favorite person, Lil G, is with his Dad this weekend. My sweetie, G and his Mom (me), have not seen each other 7 days. This is a long time. I miss him.

During the trip, I had dinner with several of my tour guests. At some point the conversation turned to children, grandchildren and so on. I explained that my son came to me through adoption. An open adoption as well. The response I received from one of the tour guests was one that made my jaw drop. Being professional, I decided to keep my opinion to myself, for the most part.

This person, decided that my decision to have adopted and that it was indeed an open adoption, was a very poor choice. This person also said that my son would be very confused at knowing he was adopted and that I was not his 'real Mom'.

How sad, it is to know that there are people who truly believe that only by having a biological child, does one become a parent, mother or father. My first instinct was to go into a verbal warfare. However, knowing that people believe what they want and are rarely if ever able to see things in a different way, I decided to state a fact.

I told this person, I was unable to have children, my son was indeed my son, and I was in fact his mother. The person who raised him from the moment he was born and the mother who will love him for the rest of my life. His birthmother is his mother too. She, by the grace of God, had the courage to entrust me to be his HeartMommy. She took her status to a different level by her actions.

Mom, Mommy, MOM!, mom, mom, mom....I am this person. My Valentine is my son, my precious, adorable, wonderful son.