Sunday, July 24, 2011

Life Goes On- The Village

As a mother, daughter, sister, friend, family, and part of the community as a whole, it is indeed The Village that is intertwined in living.

If I were just me, and had no other titles, I would be part of a different 'tribe' as my son puts it. And yet, I am part of all the 'tribes' that my titles carry. What an enormous gift that I have been given. To be part of a family teaches us lessons that are part of who we become when we are a family unit. Family includes those that we love, as I love my son, who comes from another mother.

To say that I am great doctor or scientist, would be an untruth. And, thus I have no way of judging whether a person who is a doctor or scientist, to be a great one. Moreover, I have no right to judge or determine the character of someone, whatever their place in this world. Especially important is to learn empathy for those who we come into contact with every day. Reach out, say hello, smile, because it may be the only contact that person has with anyone else.

In my work, I am honored to meet people who are so genuine, so loving and are some of the people others pass, or avoid, and even judge because of the way they look or where they are in life. What a lost opportunity. A village has many different people and they are all humans; who need care and love and respect.

No one deserves the right to feel superior to another and indeed, they are as close to those they scoff. In a moment, their lives changed and when they need those who are around them, they are part of the invisible mass.

My part as a mother is to teach my son, the empathy of which I speak. To love the unlovable, to touch the untouchable, to reach out and make a difference. My son, believes in his tribe. He has many people in this tribe and an even larger village with so many people who love him, unconditionally.

Life goes on and the village may change, but all are welcome, each adding their own color to the pattern.