Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Healing, HeartMommy, Kaleidoscope- All things in Three

As I write my first Blog post in many months,
I am excited to explain my absence
and all the new beginnings!

1. A life long dream of becoming a clinical massage therapist is coming true. I graduate in June 2012 and will be focusing on Mom and Baby massage, prenatal, post natal and infant massage.

2. Kaleidoscope Community Center will be opening in Hendersonville in May or June of 2012. This center will focus on creating community for our area. We will also offer educational classes, book readings, health, wellness and massage.

3. HeartMommy is now part of the AB Tech Business Incubator in Asheville, NC. An incubator keeps something safe and allows it time to grow and mature. Much like a baby incubator, a business incubator gives the vital nutrients, care and attention for a business to take it to a new level. We are OVERJOYED at this opportunity.

All things come in three! At least this is true for me and these are the three biggest things going. We are so fortunate to have amazing people and things coming into place to allow all of these things to work in unison. We want to help people, heal people and have fun too!

My son named the community center. Please say a pray, make a wish, send out good vibrations, send loving intentions, so that the location is procured and that all the necessary protocol is done with ease. Our community needs a center and thus will create more community for so many different people.

And away we go.....