Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Neon Trees And Niceties

NEON TREES and Niceties...

Today is the 30th of October, 2012 and we have officially entered into Fall. We have had an earthquake, hurricane, snow, cold, warm, sunny, rainy, windy, perfect and interesting days.

Yesterday, as I took photos of everything lighting up from the sunburst from behind the clouds, it rang in my head that I had a court date for my formerly expired tag and the ticket that went with it. And, I realized that I also had a parent/teacher conference at my son's school as well. What to do?

Life as we know it can become a huge blur of 'things' and 'places to be' and 'errands' and 'car line' and 'appointments' and the list is endless...it seems the only real time we have is when we finally fold into bed, exhausted from all the chatter around us and go to sleep. Briefly. Then as we have endless dreams of all the things we have or have not done, we get the alarm clock welcome to the morning. Again. Again, and Again.

So, yesterday, I took about 3 minutes outside of the grocery store, in between errands, and took several photos of the glorious events happening in the parking lot. It was extraordinary. But wait, my court date and my ticket! My conference at school!

Well, as it were, I decided to call the Henderson County Court, Traffic division, and ask about appearing by phone, coming in early or emailing confirmation of my tag and the ticket being taken care of, in lieu of appearing in person. No. The clerk explained that I must appear in person. Drat! I sat there quietly for a moment and explained my dilemma. Really. As if the clerk of the court would truly want to hear my story, blah, blah, blah. But wait, he asked my name again and said, much to my astonished ears, "I will just postpone your appearance until January 2, 2013." WHAT! Niceties from the Clerk of the Court; I am happily aghast. Just like the sun bursting forth from the snow clouds, the Clerk, went out of his way to accommodate my story and create a suggested solution.

Yesterday was a natural wonders and disasters day to be remembered; Neon Trees included.
Today is a human condition day to be remembered; Niceties included.

Are we at the end of our days? Perhaps. The end of our days as we know it. Peace.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just 5 Minutes...Good or Bad, Just 5 Minutes

We can do anything for 5 minutes, (except hold our breath) and taking just 5 minutes to write is something I am doing.

Yesterday I met with Jill Sparks of the AB-Tech Business Incubator about HeartMommy. She is my business mentor and coach. She was my counselor and cheerleader yesterday. Coming back is hard. Writing is hard. Photography is hard. Work is hard. Life is hard.

But, if we break it down into smaller bits and times it seems less daunting and manageable. If we lose our "A" game because of things out of our control, then we must let the illusion of our "A" game change. We must adapt, if only for 5 minutes.

Recently on a walk with Garrett, we came across giant flowers plants with brilliant yellow flowers bursting forth, reaching higher to the sun. The color was electric and seemed unreal. How long did this flower take to come to the point of brilliance? How many months, weeks, days, was it a seed, a leaf, a bud, a small bloom? How many days were there no signs of it being able to bloom? I am certain any and all of these experiences lasted more than 5 minutes.

So, I write and I take photos. I work and I live. If only for 5 minutes at a time, I am living, reaching, waiting, growing, climbing, still, dancing, singing, loving, and being me. This is the thing of life.

Until next time, I am off to run. Run for at least 5 minutes at a time and then 5 more...

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Re-Entry Process...slowly...

Touching the Sun!

Re-Entry... my dear friend and fellow Florida native, Darlene, recently said upon her return from Florida. She was going through the 'Re-Entry' process to North Carolina and the mountains. 
I, still being in Florida, could understand how she was feeling. But, when I returned, the re-entry feeling was palpable. 
We talked about this strange, happy, sad, interesting experience of knowing the love of the beach and the water. Sitting and watching into forever, while the warm water laps on our feet. The immense and warming sun, wrapping around like a blanket, to sooth away the day and melt into a warm evening. 
In sharp contrast to the majestic mountains that surround us in Asheville, NC. Bold, beautiful, endless and all encompassing. The mountains have a way of wrapping around us like a cool summer breeze, bringing shades of deep green and blue into our eyes and soul. Our feet dipped in icy mountain waters that come for miles to meet us at the rivers edge. 
And yet, the re-entry, to either spectrum can be overpowering. One extreme to another in less than a day by car. Another world. 
How do I love thee...both my beloved Florida and my adopted home in North Carolina...
And so, I am in the re-entry phase of the mountains, wishing for warm salty ocean water, the sun in my face, that brilliant and blazing sunset and the look into forever. 
And so, today, I will walk among the tall soft grass of the mountains, dip my feet into the cool waters and embrace my mountain home. 
Home, two sides of one coin. Home, where there is safety and love and growth and quiet too. 
Touching the Earth...

Monday, June 4, 2012

And Time Is The Only Constant

Today, I ran across this photo of my now 9 year old son. Being a photographer gives me reason to take thousands of photos and in some cases, I do not really "SEE" them for years.
This photo clearly shows my son at about three years old, gleeful after having a kiss from his favorite person, his Nana. Her bright pink lipstick is a tell tale sign AND his amazing excitement over the most precious moment.
My Mom is now 71 years old and still wears her signature color pink. My son is not having ANY kisses at this point; he is way to old for that he says.
I love his eyes and their sweet, youthful, exuberant joy! He is so happy and I hope that he continues to have this feeling throughout his life. As he gets older, his eyes see things and his ears are filled with things that are not the fairytale life I would wish for him. But, he still sees things with an open and loving heart, amazing wonder and joyful learning.
As his mother, I too see things through his eyes. For this I am eternally grateful.
This year is one of new horizons, growth, release, and reconnecting with my roots.
With childlike wonder, I embark on this new chapter in our lives. My son, clearly at the root of all my decisions, will see some amazing things and have the chance to 're-meet' his family and friends.
My life is truly blessed. Dreams are alive. Truth and love do win.
Cotton Candy, Rainbows and Ponies...beaches, sunsets and dolphins too. I LOVE IT!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Healing, HeartMommy, Kaleidoscope- All things in Three


As I write my first Blog post in many months,
I am excited to explain my absence
and all the new beginnings!

1. A life long dream of becoming a clinical massage therapist is coming true. I graduate in June 2012 and will be focusing on Mom and Baby massage, prenatal, post natal and infant massage.

2. Kaleidoscope Community Center will be opening in Hendersonville in May or June of 2012. This center will focus on creating community for our area. We will also offer educational classes, book readings, health, wellness and massage.

3. HeartMommy is now part of the AB Tech Business Incubator in Asheville, NC. An incubator keeps something safe and allows it time to grow and mature. Much like a baby incubator, a business incubator gives the vital nutrients, care and attention for a business to take it to a new level. We are OVERJOYED at this opportunity.

All things come in three! At least this is true for me and these are the three biggest things going. We are so fortunate to have amazing people and things coming into place to allow all of these things to work in unison. We want to help people, heal people and have fun too!

My son named the community center. Please say a pray, make a wish, send out good vibrations, send loving intentions, so that the location is procured and that all the necessary protocol is done with ease. Our community needs a center and thus will create more community for so many different people.

And away we go.....