Friday, January 9, 2009

Liza Needs a Forever Family

Good Friday to everyone!

Recently, a friend sent me a posting about a Russian orphan named Liza.
Liza is part of a group of orphans being hosted in the US with the hope of being adopted into forever families.

My first instinct is to drive to Atlanta, pick her up and be her HeartMommy. As I have processed everything, it may be that I was contacted to be a voice for Liza.

Please click on the link below to read the news story and watch the video about Liza and the other orphans who will return to Russia next week.

To learn more about New Horizons and how their organization helps children in need, please visit their website

As we think of our world, the intense need of love for children, and the many people who want to be parents, please consider passing this along. Or if you are one of the people like me who wanted to be a Mom, consider alternate options when it comes to adoption and the love that you have to share.

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