Friday, April 3, 2009

The Banyan Tree and it Grows

As a 'non-traditional' family, my son and I are more than a family tree. We are a banyon tree.

A Banyon tree is one that grows from one tree trunk, has branches that reach out and then the tree grows hanging vines. After hanging and growing over the years, they reach the ground and start a new tree trunk.

In essence, the tree continues to grow and spread, not just by the branches alone, but by the many new trunks that are formed.

My son is adopted. He has a birth-mother and her family. He has a birth-father and his family. He has a HeartMommy and my family and he has a HeartDaddy and his family.
These are four trunks that have already grown from his existence; amazing and beautiful. Imagine all the lives he has touched by being a part of each of our lives. And each time he touches one of us, we start to grow a vine that eventually hangs down, reaches the ground and a new base is formed. Everlasting.
I thank God everyday for the gifts he has given me. He has created new life in through one soul. He has brought together so many people who may have never known each other.
Thank you to my Banyan Tree Family.

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