Monday, November 17, 2008

FLIP VLOG Diaries of Adoption

Have you ever won anything?

I have won two things in my life. Once I won at a real bingo game where the take was about $8.00!!

Secondly, I just won a FLIP digital video camera!! and FLIP collaborated; looking for pregnant and new moms to VLOG. Well, since I am neither, but Adoption has created a family in my life and so many others, I asked to be included in the opportunity.

And, they said YES! So, on Friday, I received my FLIP camera-it is something!! So small, so very cool, and EASY. The easy part is the best, because I am a bit on the techslow road and even I could follow the very explicit directions.

The most amazing feature on the camera is the USB port is built in! You FLIP it out, plug the tiny camera into your computer and there you have it..downloaded and ready to go for another hour of recording.

I LOVE IT!! So, my next BLOG will be a VLOG...this is an amazing world we live in, I am too excited for all the fun.

Bring it on Sophia Coppola; I have a FLIP!
*The photo is at the Adoption event at Jewels That Dance. AND yes, that is a real police officer and a REAL Macheosuarus (i.e. Garrett). They were discussing the finer points of Cops, cookies, and dinosaurs.

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