Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Holidays from HeartMommy

As you may have experienced, 'The Holidays', seem to sneak up and then they are all over and it is only 23 days until Christmas.
I write this blog as a precurser to the much anticipated VLOG and give only the excuse that I was on vacation in Florida, soaking as much warmth and sun in, until my return yesterday to snow and cold in North Carolina.
Prior to leaving, I had the great pleasure of attending the Jewels That Dance National Adoption Month event, I used my FLIP video camera to do and interview and I made it all into a movie...it was so much fun!
Now having said that, I have not posted it yet, because, well...I am trying.
Tonight, when my son nods off in dreams of dinosaurs and space exploration, I will post it.
Being a mom, business owner, writer, photographer and trying to have a few days of decompression seem to cause REcompression on the return. But, I am so grateful for the days I had in Florida, spending time with my family, swimming in the Atlantic, and laying by the pool in WARMTH.
Okay, now I am rambling.... more to come tonight. :)
Happy Tuesday,
NM- HeartMommy
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