Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just being Me

As I move through life, I have gone through many iterations, changes and transformations.

I was the super shy awkward girl who spent a lot of time alone, reading, writing poetry and sketching. I was the super-tomboy who raced remote control boats with my Dad. I was the studious teen, who would cringe at the thought of breaking any rules. I was the late teen who could think of nothing better than to break all the rules; just because.
I was a college student, I was a college drop-out. I was a waitress, a flight attendant, a secretary, a legal assistant, a college graduate, a graduate student, a teacher, a corporate trainer, a worker-bee, a manager of teams, and always a writer.
I was married and not married.
I live on the right side of town. I lived on the wrong side of town. I lived in comfort. I lived in squalor. I lived.
I was poor. I was rich. I was poor.

I am now a mother. I am a writer. I am a photographer. I am a business owner. I am a friend. I am a lover of life. I am me.

Me, the person who cries easily. Me, the person who protects fiercely. Me, the person who cares deeply. Me, the person who forgives. Me, the person who lives peacefully.

Just Me.

I have grown and changed and transformed and I can finally say, I love just being me.

I love that I went through all the things I have, to come to the place I am. I love the idea that there will be many more changes, transformations and versions of me to come.

Just Me.

I will become something different each time, but lose nothing of what I was or what I am now.

I will become something more. A richer version of me. A more intensely layered me. A more colorful me.

Just me being me.
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