Friday, August 21, 2009

HeartMommy Goes International- No Kidding!

HeartMommy is my name and my company.

We are now HeartMommy International too!

As an adoptive mom, I have been given the honor of being a mother. My son, Garrett is six years old. He is an amazing angel on earth. He is the most important person in the world to me. I adore and love him endlessly. His birthmother, Kim, asked that I be called his HeartMommy and the she be called his TummyMommy.

And so it is, I am Garrett's HeartMommy.

We have an open adoption and have contact and visits with both his birthmother and birthfather's families. Our family tree is in fact a Banyan Tree, with one trunk and many branches, vines and new growth at all times.

HeartMommy, the company, was started quite by accident and has grown into a 'baby' business. We are growing and it has been a wonderful experience seeing the joy when someone receives a piece of HeartMommy jewelry.
Jewels That Dance and designer Paula Dawkins of Asheville, NC took my doodle and created something so simple, elegant and beautiful. As well, they carry my line in their store and promote HeartMommy with their clients.
It was with sheer delight that I received a call and email from Marlene at Jewels That Dance letting me know that a client had come in looking for something special for a friend in London. She shared that her friend was trying to conceive a child with infertility treatments. After showing her a HeartMommy piece of jewelry, she knew it was the perfect gift for her friend.

And so it is; the baby business based in Asheville, NC is HeartMommy International!

I am overjoyed when someone receives these small gifts of love and knowing that the one will travel across the ocean to be worn by a "Woman of Grace" makes me very happy. As we grow and expand our product lines; including a HeartDaddy line, I will continue to blog here and on my website.
Visit us at the HeartMommy website. Become a Fan on Facebook and Twitter. Please contact me directly at or call me at 828-329-7047.

Yeah for HeartMommy!! We crossed the ocean blue to warm the heart of someone who wishes to have the honor of being a mother.

"a person who loves with their whole heart"

Nancy McCullough
HeartMommy to Garrett
Founder of HeartMommy
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