Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunnyside Up and Pistachio

Recently, I was challenged to describe myself using a word starting with each letter in the alphabet. Today, I wrote my weekly column for the newspaper on the topic and challenged my readers to do the same. It sounds easy when you first think about it, but actually using one word to describe yourself is not. We are a weaved fabric of descriptive words and actions.

My first thought for myself was the word Adaptive. All my life, I have been faced with the realities of adapting to many things; we all have. Mine include family experiences, moving, marriage, losing a baby during pregnancy, financial issues, infertility, adoption, career changes, divorce, losing everything, and starting over. You get the point. Being adaptive is a way to change with less pain or more joy. Being adaptive is a coping mechanism that keeps us going.

Since making a decision on a one word descriptive was so hard for me, I enlisted two of my dearest and oldest friends.
Vicki, a friend since high school is the friend who gives me the softer side of things. She is very thoughtful, not answering on her first instinct, but rather probing her mind for the right word that is the complete answer. She is hysterically funny, is a sunny side up egg in life. Her way of looking at the world is how good it is and what the next great adventure will be. My new nickname for her is Sunnyside Up.
Kristi has been my friend since college, whether attending school or on sabbatical, which was a normal in our world at the time. She is raw, edgy, has a bawdy laugh that fills the room, can hang with the boys or enjoy a girls weekend of pampering. Kristi is nearly 5 ft tall with shoes on, yet her roar is fierce and can move most anything. For me, she is the down and dirty provider. She says what she means and says it without a second thought. I call her Ouizer Boudreaux from Steel Magnolias. Today she earned a new nickname, Pistachio. She is a tiny little thing that holds so much uniqueness. She is indeed one of a kind.
Imagine the words they used to describe me using the letter A. Seriously, I laughed so hard I ached. If I am anything it is a chameleon. Their descriptives were opposites and yet both captured who I am. There was not one word, but a string of many. I cannot use some due their off color nature, but suffice to say, there may be a new word in the dictionary with the definition- See Nancy.
Again, I start. I apologize for not writing as much as I had in the past. I am adapting to my new life. Again.
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