Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Girls' Winter Boots | LittleMissMatched

HeartMommy LOVES the number 3, all things in threes and mismatched items; perfectly imbalanced! So, in my insomnia induced websearching for all things Mommy and Mompreneur, I stubled on! Nirvana! The answer to all my love of my mismatched things, and more. Get this, they sell socks in sets of 3!

Of course, I found the exact thing I wanted, woolie boots-not matching of course! So, I went to check it out and guess what- it is on clearance and they only have smaller sizes...HeartMommy cries. But, good luck for you!! Go and buy stuff! You will love it, I promise. Girls' Winter Boots LittleMissMatched

P.S. All gifts are graciously accepted from this store. I am now asking for what I want for Christmas; missmatched things. You can even get me 3 stockings!!

Love it! I do not say this lightly. I like things, I like things a lot, but has to be the real deal.

Check it out!
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