Sunday, March 21, 2010

HeartMommy Scarf on National Magazine


HeartMommy has made a national magazine with a pull-though scarf we offer.

These silk and wool scarves are made for the HeartMommy collection.
Please visit us on facebook- Nancy McCullough- to see the complete collection.

We have hardly had a chance to advertise and by word of mouth, the scarves are being scooped up.

Contact me at to place your order today.

Great Mother's Day gift! Get one for yourself and give a friend one; they will love you for their forever scarf. Available for children, adults, women, men, and unisex.
Once you put one on, you will never want to take it off! Just like a pair of comfy socks, your scarf will keep you warm and cozy.

These will be available for purchase at soon.

HeartMommy is VERY happy!

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