Friday, May 28, 2010

A day and thankfulness for it too

Today, or rather yesterday, was one of the strangest days to date.
My son 'graduated' from the 1st grade today. He is 7 years old and growing so tall, so fast, that my mind spins with how fast time rolls on.
The day started out with a super-grumpy boy, who after winning two awards for his Leadership, was beaming with pride and a new smiley happy face. Transformed.
On this day, I spent the better part of it with his Dad. We are no longer married and have had a long and winding road to some semblance of Peace. Transformed.
I was so happy to have a peaceful, joyful day. I am so happy to have had the day to embrace this feeling of what I would consider nearly normal. Just a day. Just quiet in the mind and endless possibilities ahead.

My late night writing prompted by my fellow blogger, HeartMommy, and friend, SuperMom.

Normally, my writing comes from a place of ankst, energy that is directed in too many places, at too many things. So, as I sit here and write in the quiet of the early morning hours, I am thankful.

Just that; I am thankful.

Have a Wonder-Filled Day. Today and tomorrow and the next one too.
Or, just have a day. Each one a gift.

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