Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A boy A Dog and A Stick

On the 4th of July, we had the privilege of going hiking with Lyca. She is the newest family member of a dear friend. Lyca is no ordinary dog, she is a human in dog gear. She poses, acts and responds like a dog only to appease those of us who need that extra special DOG love in our lives.
G and Me have always had a dog in our lives. There was Wiley, Buddy, Mattie, Penny and Chloe. All whom have gone to DOG heaven except for Chloe.
In my opinion, every child should have a dog, or a pet to love. In return, they learn to care for something outside of themselves, get unconditional love from their dog, and learn that there is pure joy in the simple things in life.
A very important first walk on the lease, to a magical waterfall, with a hiking stick, down a country puts a little purpose in the step. Proud and intensely focused on making way to enjoy this moment of boyhood.
With my keen mother's eye and my loverly lens, I caught this moment in time. I smile. G and Lyca, alone, with each other to adventures yet found.
What a wondrous and wonder-filled day. Independence, freedom and all that it implies.
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