Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Creamsicle and the Rebound

As a child, I have vivid memories of things. Often of little significance and yet they have stayed with me. Growing up in Florida included a lot of hot days. We were usually in our bare feet running around, playing in the sprinkler to stay cool and if we were lucky the ice cream truck would come around.

We would scamper to the truck and carefully review all the choices, only to pick the same thing everytime. Mine, a creamsicle. It is like a popsicle, but is made with orange and vanilla ice cream. The joy of the creamsicle!! No matter what deviations I may have taken at certain points, there was always the rebound- the creamsicle.

Life is like that in some ways.

We are happily living our lives and then something exciting happens. We scamper about and rush to see what is offered. More of something we love and less of things we do not want. At times we deviate from what we know we love and try something entirely new. It is lovely and we are happy, for a time.

But, when that truck of life changes comes again, we will most often go back to our original choices. Creamsicle and the Rebound. It is what we know.

Not Vanilla or plain Chocolate for me, thanks. I prefer the perfect imbalance of the creamsicle.
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