Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Days and Life

GMan on Valentines Day
Originally uploaded by HeartMommy
November is National Adoption Awareness Month!

Each year there are ceremonies and events held in November to celebrate the joys of adoption. My son is adopted and he is my heart and soul.

Everyday we have a choice to be happy. Look at this little boy and you can see the joy in his face. The joy of childhood and pure love. This is certainly one of my favorite photos of my son.

Today, I allowed myself to get mired down in the negativity of another person. They have chosen to be negative and unkind. After being a part of their experience, I decided to step back. I purposely went to my photo collection to get back into my own Happy Day.

I wrote a poem to express what it is that I have in mind for my life. Enjoy.

a flicker
a flame
so fleeting
this game
the time that is wasted
never again tasted
less bitter and anger
best spent on sweeter
and wondrous things
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