Sunday, October 12, 2008

Asheville Date with Me

Today, I went on a date with me.
I wanted to make a good impression on my first date, so I showered, shaved, put on make-up, got dressed up in dark jeans and a crocheted sweater. Oh and perfume too...
When I picked myself up, I was pleased with my date. We went in the Kermit Green Honda Element, listened to Maroon 5; really LOUD, with all the windows down.

After finding a parking spot and meandering through the hoards of Asheville locals and curious tourists, me and my date came upon a cat in a window of a jewelry store. At first I thought it was a toy, but then it moved and his owner sprinkled a bit of catnip on the window sill. I quickly pulled out the camera and took a photo of the now drunk cat.

Then me and myself strolled up Biltmore Avenue and while waiting to cross the street; we were approached by a man wearing a black placard telling of the end of the world. He wanted me to know that although he found me attractive, his commitment to God was what his mission was on this earth. Was he asking for a date or was the devil reaching under the placard for a tickle?

Swiftly, we crossed over, drewled at the Cupcake shop....and passed by without looking too closely. Meandering is something that is easily done in Asheville. There is too much to see.
Musicians playing, a lady yelling at someone on the cell phone, another lady chatting quietly to herself, skateboarders, dogs, dogs and dogs.

The Kress building has a great artist gallery; so I snapped some shots of a shiny windchime, twirling and singing in the perfect weather. My date was so easy going, not rushing, not talking too much, no complaining; prefect.

Then we went to visit Heaven Rains in the Grove Arcade. A boutique that carries HeartMommy jewelry. Rosalind wanted to re-order so we chatted, watched people browse and enjoyed all the commotion downtown.

Around we went, past the amazing cathedral, bells ringing, and on to Jewels That Dance to say hello to my manufacturers and to browse for things I would LOVE. Of course we went to Malaprops, a local bookstore, where everything is cozy, warm coffee, interesting people. The first thing inside the bookstore is a shelf of 'banned' books. Dr. Suess....banned.

We leave the bookstore, stroll past the Woolworth gallery, and head right for a sushi and saki lunch. My mouth waters as I get close to Wasabi, thinking of the #9 Roll and a hot saki. 2:45 pm...15 minutes until they close. As I enter, thwarted at the door-Sorry, we are closed. WHAT! No #9, No Sake...okay, we rebound and head towards the Noodle Shop.

On the way, we take shots of the tall building near the courthouse, I call it "The Devil's Advocate" building; scary. As I neared the Noodle Shop, there was a LINE of people.

Our date was coming to an end, no sake, but a great time watching, listening, photographing, and experiencing Asheville on a date with myself.

With new orders from Rosalind, another wave at the drunken cat, we head off in the Kiwi Element...lovely.

Next date- #9 roll and Sake 1st; then meander.
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