Tuesday, October 7, 2008

TIRED and OVER Committed

Is this what every mother does?

I am the constant "yes girl" when people need something. No matter that I am completely overwhelmed; I do it to myself.

As I have learned in my life, we often do what we want done for us. In my case, I have had some wonderful and amazing people help me through when things get rough. So, I feel compelled to say yes when I am asked to help.

This is not a good thing. What eventually happens is that I neglect myself, my house, my business and then everything becomes hairy-scary.

On a regular basis, I have cancelled exercise commitments, missed my business class, and let my house get DIRTY.

So, today I pledge to be selfish. I am going to exercise, go to class and CLEAN my house. I still have the commitments I have already made, but nothing new.

Here is what is important-out of the mouth of my 5 yr old son- "You have to love yourself more than anyone else or you can't love anyone." Oh the wiseman said....

Tomorrow, I keep my commitments to those I have said yes to. I will get up earlier to exercise, go to class on Friday, stay late to catch up and study, ship all my orders, finish my articles for the newspaper I write for and then, I am watching Lipstick Jungle with a friend.

This weekend, I AM going to downtown Asheville to enjoy its "ashevilleness' and I am not going to make any plans with anyone but myself. As Carrie in Sex In The City did, she had dates with herself and her NYC. I am having a date with me and my AVL.
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