Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Important; Really?

Henry and the Pink Fleece as evidence...

Today, I took my neighbor's dog Henry for a walk. He is a Large Golden Retriever, beautiful, playful, full of energy, and strong.

Yesterday, we went for a hike, up a logging road, over the river and through the woods; ending at a small cafe. Henry was an instant celebrity and we sat, sipped warm coffee and enjoyed the rest. Then back to the hike; we all had a fantastic workout in the perfect fall weather. Crispy, deep blue skies, bright sunshine and vibrant colors-reds, yellows, oranges, and green!

Today, I thought it would be fun to take the 'easy' stroll around the lake near our house. It is 2.5 miles and yet, it seems like a short stroll because of the amazing scenery. The sparkling lake with the backdrop of the mountains full of their fall foliage. The loons and geese are gently swimming through the lake and the trees are swaying in the breeze.

Henry agreed that it was another fabulous day and bounced down the path watching the squirrels scamper up trees as we made our way. His smile was adorable and he wagged his happy dog tail all the while.

As we rounded the last stretch before heading home there is an amazing clearing where you can see across the lake, into a cove and it was like diamonds; brilliant! Directly after the clearing is the most amazing grouping of blackberry bushes; dare I say tall hedges, that are FULL of blackberries in summer.

Henry was overjoyed to see a group of birds in the water and decided to make a run for it! He leap through the brambles, into the lake and after I was into my ankles; I broke free. Henry swam like a champion to the birds!!

Attached to Henry were his leash and my pink fleece. Hilarious!!! Important...not really in the grand scheme of things. I did have my cell phone in my hand still, so things were good.

Henry swam and swam....the pink fleece floating behind like a beacon.

After swimming to the middle of the lake, or my version of the middle, Henry made his way back. This time he came to lakes edge at the clearing; jumped out, shook vigorously, and then off we went. The fleece still intact and amazingly dry in some areas. Who knew!

Now comes the important part.
I got Henry home, washed him down, let him dry in the sun, and made my way home to start work.

As I was working and talking on the phone, I felt my neck where my HeartMommy necklace is around my neck at ALL times. Gone!

I almost vomited, started running around like a rat in a maze, my mind raced, and I began calling my friends and neighbors- Denise and Becca. Both were home or close and agreed to meet me at the jump off spot and fan out.

A vision of the movie Titanic played in my head as the lady drops the giant diamond off the boat and it floats away forever. Well, my version included brambles and green pond grass...

I ran backwards through the yard and on to Henry's driveway; just to make sure before I hopped in the car to head to the lake. Important?

This necklace is something I cherish and touch all the time as I think of my son. The actual metal and pieces are not important, but the symbol of it; so important!

I RAN to the driveway....and there it was, glistening in the sun! Sparkling and I cried.

Henry was happy to see me again too. :)

The experience of having this perfect day, a great neighborohood, amazing friends near, was so great. Henry being a dog, so wonderful, as I miss my own dogs who are now gone. The experience of expecting my necklace to be in its' place and having it be gone; important on so many levels.

When I picked my son up from school today, he bounded out with a giant smile and warm hug. He is the reason for this thing called life; parenthood. He is important. Everything else pales in comparison.
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