Thursday, October 16, 2008

Things Change

As we go through life, we often get comfortable. Given that every particle is in motion, even those that seem solid, getting too comfortable also often means we slow down. Our motions become smaller, less intense and often times are only done when we must do them.

For instance, a large family of dust-bunnies have managed to sneak into my house over the last week...okay a couple of weeks. Well, I have had the vaccuum next to the door near the largest of the dust-bunny clan, but for reasons beyond my control, I cannot move my particles to create enough motion to evict the family. Okay, I love the bunnies too...

But not moving still brings everything and everyone around you to a slower pace.

Life is so fast at times it may seem we are whirling, but is it fast because we do too much or we fill our time with too much that is truly motionless?

What I have learned is that things change. They just do. There is no good, bad, judgement or emotion; things just change.

Staying in motion is important. Whether we are working, playing, or growing in some way, our motion creates an effect that ripples out, creating more motion. Genius right? I know, I have discovered some hidden truth...brilliant.

No, but I know that when my motion slows to the speed of the dust-bunny crawl, my motivation also slows, my hunger for knowledge slows, my ability to be on the edge slows and yet the ripple effect moves no less quickly; it seems to move more quickly.

Again, there is change; but the ripple effect is moving at the exact same speed.

Why the musing of such things? Because, things have changed.

The world, the speed at which we receive information, the intesity of what is around us, and we must move with it. Not too fast, not too slow; a dance of balance.

Most importantly, we must move our thoughts. Keep them in a balance that allows us to see what is ahead, not sit too long in the present; enjoy it, and certainly not stewing in the past.

This is true with every thought. What we send out in thought; and remember everything is made up of particals in motion, will manifest itself somewhere. Think of things you want, think of movements you want to take, think of what it means to be successful; family, friends, things, money, whatever it is; move it into motion.

It will change things and things change. It is a fact.

My thought,-I intend to move forward with change, learning the dance, enjoying each movement, fondly remembering the past, learning from the present, and in doing so, creating the change of the future, I call success.

Those dust-bunnies, I evict them with love and good will. Tomorrow...
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