Friday, October 24, 2008

Trick or Treat!?!

Sheer Joy of Artist Freedom and the GROSS factor...

Remember, this used to be a real question...trick or treat?; but now the doorbell rings, kids in costumes and adults too, stand at your door and without a word present the bag, pillowcase, plastic collection container. TREAT! TREAT! They scream in silence... Then after treating for a while, everyone goes home to sift through the bounty, sort, categorize and then perhaps eat from the leftover candy at their house. Because, of course, it is the best candy; the kind they like.

So this year we did a Trick or Treat night at our house. My son and a friend 'created' and baked halloween cakes for their Dads.

Recipe=anything that was going to be thrown out, was old and stale, food coloring, flour, water, more gross things, leftover dinner remnants; baked at 350, until brown/green and bubbly.

After proper cooling, real chocolate icing, red piping, coolwhip, and gummy animals were added for authentic cake appeal. Beautiful works of art and could pass for yummy cake....

Then they made cards to be 'sweet' and give the gift of cake-trick or treat style.

Funny!! Trick or Treat?

*Not to worry, us Moms gave 'pre-warning' on the Trick part, but there is free will. Some people will try anything.

Happy Halloween!

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