Friday, December 19, 2008

Nancy Toes for the Holidays

The longer I live away from Florida, the more attached I become to those things I took for granted. Warm days in winter, tons of sun all the time, the water, the beach, and the list goes on.
This photo is the standard by which all shoes are rated. If there is a flip flop to be worn, I will wear it.
Yes, this photo was taken yesterday, in Asheville, NC, at the Grove Park Inn. I was there doing a 'photo shoot' for my friend Kate and her family. Gman got to come along and we all enjoyed the Christmas decorations, and festive feeling in the air.
As a huge fan of Christmas, I feel like a kid when I am around decorations. Traveling to Florida for Christmas every year is the BEST Christmas present ever. So, in the spirit of both Christmas and Florida, I had my toes done. A festive wine color to go with my most important accesory; flip flops!
Some girls love diamonds, some love bags and some love shoes, but I love flip flops!
They give me a sense of freedom. They give me a sense of Florida. They give me a sense of peace.
Happy Holidays and Peace to all!
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