Friday, December 5, 2008

And Then Life Throws A Curve Ball

Today is Friday and it is early; everyone still sleeping.

As I write this my brain is relieved as my Mom is also with me and my sisters, sleeping peacefully at home.

But, on Tuesday afternoon life spun as fast as lightening. My Mom, 68 years old and very much the active Nana, was rushed from her doctors office by ambulance to the hospital; blood pressure off the charts and having a 'cardiac incident'.

Luckily, I had arrived to be at her appointment, but I never expected to see my Mom, white and scared as the doctor explained what was happening. As for me, I was instantly in action mode.

Calling my three sisters and my aunt to let them know what was happening, getting arrangements made for my son's care, racing to the hospital to meet the ambulance and then the waiting...testing...waiting...admitted to the hospital.

My Mom was beside herself, after be given drugs a plenty, she was upset, confused and as well trying to comfort me. This is what my Mom does. She is the one who comforts us, even as she is in pain and scared.

Two of my three sisters were with me within 12 hours; driving and flying from two different states. My oldest sister had left for Europe and so she was on the phone for the up to the minute status.

And the details are more details, but here is the end of the story.

After 2 plus days in the hospital, tests complete, and the new pharmacuticals ready, my Mom came home.


As my Mom sleeps upstairs, I am so thankful for one more day with her.

I am grateful for my family as we come together; coordinate, communicate and work as a team. Sisters are amazing!

All the plans in the world do not prepare you for seeing your parents need care. My Mom is timeless, efffortless, every lasting...

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