Saturday, December 13, 2008

And it is Official-I am Exhausted

Today is technically Saturday, December 13th, but since I have not gone to bed I am calling it Friday night.
This past week plus has been one of the most exhausting of my life. Seriously draining, mind blowing, tough, bad, hard, no fun and on and on. So, why do I say this now in the middle of the night? I am exhausted but cannot sleep. I am too tired to sleep. Is it possible? I am the poster child for insomnia.
As well, this week has been one of the most exciting too. Does this add to the insomnia? Where is my sand-man?
I have heard that if I write it all down, then my brain will relax and I can then leave it for another time, thus sleep will come. So, I write....
My mom is better, not 100%, but better.
My son is still sick, on terrible medicine and trying his hardest to be well for our vacation to Florida.
Me, I am hopeful as the new year approaches and aprehensive in the same breath. My health is great, better than in many years past. I feel better, look better, have an overall sense of myself and what I want. I am grateful for all that I have.
The new year, shedding of the old and rebirth of the old/new/good things.
More writing, more photography, business success, new ventures, new friends, rekindled friendships, forgiveness, love, laughter, happiness.
See, now I am rambling, a true sign of exhaustion.
Too sleep....please!
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